The COVID outbreak has significantly changed the way of life of people not only in Thailand but around the world. As a result, the way of people shopping has been changed over time, making pre-order becomes very popular among shoppers, especially during the promotion that most of people are willingly spend their money.  

Going out shopping used to be a normal thing everyone would do. But since the outbreak of the coronavirus, people go out less and spend less than ever, forcing the department store, and shops were shutting down both temporally and permanently as fewer people come out to shop, resulting in huge loss of revenue. 

However, during this period of COVID19, going out shopping during promotions (โปร) may not be a good decision for you, as a shopper, because it may expose you to a dangerous coronavirus disease that is invisible and risky. Therefore, here are the reasons why you shouldn’t go out shopping and using pre-order service instead in order to shop effectively and cost-economically in the crisis era. 

Going out shopping by yourself is unsafe 

Going outside is an act that should be avoided because the virus is everywhere. We will never know whether who has been infected or not with covid. Going outside may increases the risk of infection and may take lives away. COVID19, importantly, has taken many people’s lives around the world every day. It seriously damage and injure our lungs and respiratory system to the point of death. From this severe situation, pre-order is another good option for those who love shopping promotion items as it allows customers to get what they want in cheaper promotion price at home by ordering on online website with just a click. Therefore, if you want to be safe from outside risk, pre-order with us now. 

Going out shopping by yourself is waste of time 

If you are one of among others who live far away from the shopping community or shopping malls, you better pre-order than going out during promotion because it may take you an hour or more to get where you want to buy your stuff which sometimes it is not worth to lose that such a valuable long time on driving to a place. You can save more time by pre-ordering and spend your valuable time on something that is more essential than just shopping such as, spending time on education, travel, relax, or even spend time with your family, and ETC. Thus, going out shopping by yourself is waste of time, and you should pre-order. 

Going out shopping by yourself is waste of money 

Pre-ordering not only makes you safe from the risk of getting infection, helps you save more time but, also help you save you more money.  

How pre-order actually help you save more? Imagine when you go shopping outside, sometimes, you probably need to pay for additional costs such as transportation, food, toll free, parking fee, and many more which most of the time cost a lot more than the price of what you going to buy.  

To sum up everything that has been stated, pre-ordering protects you from COVID, allows you to save time, and money. So, pre-order (รับหิ้ว) stuff at promotion price with us now.