The Dallas Cowboys have had a difficult season, which may be attributed to various things, but perhaps the biggest factor is that their quarterback star fell due to a serious injury. Dak Prescott is expected to break the record in his five cowboy games in 2020, surpassing 1,856 yards in that time. Those who missed Prescott can still play in Madden, who has a combined score of 87. Just like the quarterbacks already listed, his shooting ability, awareness and accuracy are his best attributes in the game.

On the list of Madden NFL 21, only one quarterback has an overall rating of 99, while a six-point guard has an overall rating of 90 or higher. If players want to build a team with the best players, it is worth seeing the quarterback that currently constitutes the highest position of the video game series.

On the other hand, Buffalo Bills' record is one of the best seasons since the 1990s, and a large part of it is the turnaround of their quarterback Josh Allen. The 24-year-old entered his third season, became the starting quarterback of the New York West and was promoted from the charge line to the MVP candidate, exploding 4,544 passing yards and 37 touchdowns, and There are some crazy free throws. The overall rating is 88, an increase of 11 since the game’s debut. His maximum throwing power is 99. To get this role, you only need MUT Coins.

When it comes to NFL discourse, there is no more controversial guard than Baltimore Ravens and Madden NFL 21 (Madden NFL 21) movie star Lamar Jackson. He is among his peers. The best player, he admits that he passes and runs a lot. Jackson threw for 2,757 yards last season, but ran for 1,005 yards. This was the second time he ran for 1,000 yards in both places. His crazy statistics also show his uniqueness. His best attributes are speed (96), accuracy (96) and agility (95). Jackson currently has a total score of 91. If you want to reach a better state, you can try to Buy Madden 21 Coins, which allows you to easily win any game.