Similar to the Air Max 270, the Nike Air Max 2021 uses one of the largest Air Units to date to support the heel. Here, 2021Sneakers  further highlights its cushioning, dressing it up in bright pink. Even the frame surrounding the bubble is dyed to complement it, it looks slightly lighter than what it wraps. Then, the middle sole formed a fairly simple white color, which matched the chewing gum underneath very well. In the picture above, the structure uses beige as the perfect background for dark navy blue, with orange small holes and contrast stitching. Just like Dunk Low Disrupt did before, the Air Max 90 wears blue velvet. However, despite the absence of silver jewelry, this treadmill has become luxurious. Most of the exterior is covered in the aforementioned fabric, and each instance shades a very deep blue. At certain points—due to the nature of the texture itself—the white gloss falls off at certain angles, complementing the neutral tool below. Elsewhere, the aforementioned cool tones are applied to rib molds, lace, and tongue tags, although each seems only slightly darker thanks to their respective materials.

New Drop Jordans finds a successful design, they repeat it several times. Here, gilded chains and amulets are back again, with the classic "three white" Air Force One. In addition to its brand, the color scheme is more than familiar, and its structure is almost completely neutral as mentioned earlier. The lace unit, lining and sole followed expectations, while the logo-the heel and tongue tag at the top-contrasted with the additional anklet. This piece of jewelry is hung on the side, with golden Swooshes, stars and Nike brand signs on it. Nike Free Run 2 is the main product in the trend of sports shoes and casual shoes that was popular in the early 2010s. It is expected to regain some attention in the new and old color schemes in 2021. The latest claim of this ultra-breathable sneaker is the combination of maroon, orange and gray tones in mesh, suede and synthetic materials. This flexible and comfortable Nike free sole is obsessed with off-white makeup under the soles of the feet, allowing the aforementioned tones to revel in the spotlight. Although it is no longer the pinnacle of Nike Running's innovation, the cushioning and sole solutions of the past ten years are iconic in themselves and will certainly encourage old fans and new fans to buy this shoe alike.

"Toast" is a concept that Nike desperately explores. New Air Force 1 ,In many versions, the brand introduced quilted panels, abrasive rubber, etc., mainly changing the color palette. This is a mid-77 trailblazer, and its pink arrangement is surprisingly similar to the previously disclosed dunk high school. The aforementioned hue has a floral feel in many parts of the upper, especially the cover and heel of the upper. Below, white and brown are chosen for the quilted panels, with the latter being used more on the sides and inside. In other places, the unisex sees more performance: it wears a tongue tag, and its circular design logo is black; most of the tooling saves the bottom of its ground construction; there is also a wool lining, due to the luster of the insole, It appears pale green. Wheat-colored work boots may be the main streetwear in all boroughs, but in the Bronx, this is a way of life. It is very possible that Sean Jones has tried to do some tricks on Tims, but with his Adidas Sean's latest color scheme, there is no need. The official professional model of the 2018 skater of the year named by Thrasher has just released a cardboard/gold metal color scheme, which perfectly mimics the 6-inch aesthetic that has dominated casual lifestyle dress for decades. This product has an additional benefit, that is, it is environmentally conscious because it is made of recyclable materials, which is part of Adidas' ambition to end plastic waste. 20% of the fragments used to make shoe uppers are made from at least 50% recycled content, making these shoes one of the more responsible manufacturing skates on the market.

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